Saturday, 20 August 2011

Dates Look Like Cockroaches

During Ramadan, it's customary to eat a date or two upon breaking your fast. However, for as long as I can remember, the sight of dates have repulsed me. A date looks like a legless, antenna-less and immobile/dead cockroach. Even the pits look like baby cockroaches. A bowl of dates is worse than a date on its own because it looks like a cockroach orgy.

You be the judge:



See? It's nauseating. I eat them now (after avoiding them my whole life) because, well, I discovered that they're quite tasty, though I try my best not to look at them. That's a big deal for me because I can't stand cockroaches. I've had a few traumatic experiences with these stomach-churning critters both in real life and in my dreams (my subconscious has screened Attack of the Roaches many times). I've been dealing with the fear/hate pretty well. I can handle pictures of roaches now.

I've also been turned off shrimp and lobsters for a while since I found out that they're known as cockroaches of the sea. That's right, they're related to cockroaches. They're all arthropods. Cockroaches are from the hexapoda group, lobsters/shrimp/prawns are crustaceans, and they all fall under the myriapoda group. They have exoskeletons (outside skeletons) and jointed legs. They're also scavengers and forage on mostly everything. If I can't tolerate it on land, I won't tolerate it under the sea.

I apologise if I've turned anyone off dates and shrimp/lobsters. But I wrote this post for mankind. I wrote this post for science.


Anonymous said...

Ignorance about food ,were people in Somalia will die for this u mock the creation of god ,u r ungreatful and unappreciative of what god has provided u with

Farran said...


Anonymous said...

Dammit you've put me off cockroaches.. ops I mean dates...

Beebz said...

People r so effing dramatic!!!! The writer said she dosnt like them but has learnt to TOLERATE THEM! Ah people complain about everything!! If u think she's doing something wrong let god deal with her instead of u coz quite simply ITS ANNOYING nd no one gives a crap :)

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