Thursday, 18 August 2011

Eilat and Gaza: Any Reason to Attack Palestinians

It's early in the morning. I can't sleep. Israeli drones are striking Gaza. Six Palestinians are reported dead including Kamal al-Nayrab, chief of the Popular Resistance Committee, and an infant girl.

Israel says it is responding to an earlier incident in Eilat that left 7 people dead. Unidentified gunmen opened fire on a private vehicle and two IDF vehicles were targeted nearby - one was hit by a rocket and the other was hit by an explosive.

Despite there being no evidence of Palestinian involvement (Hamas also denied any involvement), Palestinians are being blamed for the attack and Gaza is being punished. Israel's motto is kill first, investigate later.

Still, even if a Palestinian is responsible for the Eilat incident, it does not give Israel the green light to pound Gaza with drones and collectively punish Palestinians.

Zionists are having a field day. The truth is, Israel wants any reason to attack Palestinians. Israel calculatingly waits for something, anything, to happen in order to disproportionately 'respond' with attacks and operations that are often planned long before. It is using Eilat to legitimise and rationalise its violence in Gaza. That's just how Israel works - it preys on an opportunity like this one to perpetuate occupation and apartheid under the guise of 'self-defense'.

Just before the Gaza offensive, Jody McIntyre tweeted that Ilan Pappe, whom he recently saw, "predicted that Israel (is) on (the) brink of launching major war to distract pressure. Could be the pretext?" Most definitely.

The cries of the #J14 protesters in regard to their so-called housing problems (see 'Palestinians' for legitimate housing problems) will dissipate. #J14 protesters and Bibi and Barak will kiss and make up, and drones and white phosphorous will be used on 1.5 million Palestinians living under tight blockade in Gaza.

Also, it's outrageously hypocritical that attacks against Israelis is 'terrorism' but attacks against Palestinians is 'maintaining security'.

This just in: Egypt closed the Rafah border at Israel's order. Mubarak may no longer hold power but his legacy certainly lives on.


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