Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Hello Blogosphere

I've just reached my hourly usage limit on Twitter. I didn't know such a thing existed. I've decided that tweeting is far more exciting than blogging since it's interactive and much less mind-consuming. When using Twitter, there's no choice but to limit what you wish to say to 140 characters or less. The twittersphere is a world of succinctness (and at times, restriction) while the blogosphere invites many words and chunky blocks of text.

Don't get me wrong - I love to write. Give me paper and I'll write endlessly. But I'm either avidly procrastinating or writing to a deadline for something else. And it's not that I have no time. I just don't prioritise or organise my time as well as I should. But I'm working on it. The first step to curing my chronic procrastination is admitting that I have a problem, right?

I reached my hourly usage limit because I've been tweeting back and forth with conservatives and Zionists. Yes, stupid of me, I know. Why do I waste my time? Especially on people who prefer to attack a person's character instead of debating the points?

People against the carbon tax are raging on Twitter. The fear-mongering and hysteria surrounding the tax is really daft and groundless. Those against the tax, a.k.a Today Tonight enthusiasts, are blowing it entirely out of proportion, what, with their incessant picketing, wild imagination ("This will destroy Australia!" "Democracy is dead as we know it!") and put-downs. It doesn't help that Tony Abbott is on television every night in a fluorescent jacket and an over-sized mining helmet fuelling the green scare by emphasising just how badly the tax will hurt struggling Aussie families and good ol' mining companies. It's fascinating how emotive language and sweeping statements can bring people to their knees.

On a brighter note though, it's heartening to know that there are older people out there ditching their afternoon bingo sessions to fight evil.

Now, I have to ask: what in the name of Thor is up with the ongoing crusade against homosexuality? Miranda Devine's recent article against same-sex marriage is an obnoxious read. Her article summed up in one sentence is: Penny Wong and partner Sophie are having a baby therefore the London riots are happening as a result of a "fatherless society". To top it off, independent Bob Katter and national Barnaby Joyce addressed a "pro-marriage" rally at Parliament house yesterday. Katter encouraged playground bullying tactics when he said same-sex marriage "deserves to be laughed at and ridiculed". And Joyce is determined to protect his daughters from the evil homosexual agenda. He's afraid the Village People will rise up and dominate the world.

It doesn't stop at homophobes and people who believe global warming is one giant conspiracy. Zionists, especially those online, are a special bunch too. If you point out Israel's human rights abuses and crimes against Palestinians, you will be charged with "anti-Semitism" and labelled an "anti-Jewish bigot". If you try reasoning with them by saying "anti-Zionism is not anti-Semitism", they won't care because to them, criticism of Israel "is the new socially acceptable way to hate Jews" (according to one Zionist Twitter user). When you point out that Israel denies Palestinians their rights, and that it subjects Palestinians to a military occupation, continues to annex and confiscate Palestinian land, build illegal settlements and that it subjugates Palestinians to a racist apartheid system, Zionists will firstly deny it then proceed to say that "the singleminded focus on Israel at the expense of HR violations in Saudi, Sudan, Syria etc, show your Jew hatred". When you make it clear that you are against all human rights abuses, wherever they may be happening, and that Arab despots mistreating their people in no way obscures or deflects from Israel's crimes and illegality, you will be told that you are "anti-Semitic", a "liar", "stupid" and the Zionists will even toss in a free and accurate one-lined biography: "Eighteen. Living at home. Never worked. Never left Oz. Ignorant. Thinks knows it all. Wasted life coming up". That's me, alright! They'll also tell you that "your people" would "stone you" and "beat you" if given the chance. Oh, Zionists. They're a charming bunch.


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