Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Al Nahda wins first-ever democratic elections in Tunisia

Preliminary information has indicated that Islamic party Al Nahda has won the first democratic elections in Tunisia. The official results will come out on Tuesday.

The new government plans to model itself on Turkey's democracy.

The Islamic party has emphasised that it won't be "radical" and it will not enforce Sharia laws considered restrictive. It has received strong support in several regions. Twitter user @ from Tunisia tells me that Al Nahda won 76% of votes in his village of Yahya. He also says that the Tataouine region voted for Al Nahda (80.04%). Both these areas are close to the recently liberated Libya.

I can only hope that Western media outlets and governments don't launch a scare campaign against Tunisia's new Islamic government. But who am I kidding? The US et al must miss their puppet, Ben Ali.

While I personally support secularism - the separation of state and religion, I do believe in the people's choice. Most of Tunisia's population is Muslim so it shouldn't come as any surprise that there is overwhelming support for an Islamic government. Particularly after Ben Ali's reign. 


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