Thursday, 27 October 2011

Kolena, eid wahda! From Cairo to California. Egypt stands in solidarity with Occupy Oakland

What's the scene like at Occupy Oakland? Tear gas, rubber bullets, riot squads, police brutality. Sounds like the Arab Spring and protests in Palestine minus all the slaughter.

In response to the violence, the Twittersphere reports that Egyptian revolutionaries have planned to take to the streets and protest in Tahrir Square in solidarity with Occupy Oakland protestors on October 28. Isn't that amazing? I'm afraid I'm going to go all cliched on you, but it's a move that speaks volumes. You know you're receiving an extraordinary act of solidarity when the people responsible for ousting a ruthless dictator in a matter of months are going down to vocalise their support for you in the Liberation Square.

Speaking of Egypt's revolución, this song sung by protesters in Tahrir has been on my lips since I first heard it. Revolutionary and catchy! Walk and talk like an Egyptian:

Kolena eid wahda talabna haga wahda - erhal! erhal! erhal! erhal!
We all, with one hand, have requested one thing - leave! leave! leave! leave!

Yaskot yaskot Hosni Mubarak! Yaskot yaskot Hosni Mubarak!
Down, down, Hosni Mubarak! Down, down, Hosni Mubarak!


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