Tuesday, 25 October 2011

#%$& mandatory detention

A Sri Lankan (reportedly Tamil) detainee committed suicide in Villawood detention centre last night after living in captivity for over two years. Enough is enough. Mandatory detention must end. Locking up asylum seekers for the so-called crime of seeking asylum, a fundamental, inalienable, indivisible human right, is cruel beyond words. Innocent people are being held in prison (that's exactly what it is) so why do we, as a nation, allow it?

How dare they act on their right to seek asylum, right? Who do they think they are leaving behind everything they've ever known in an attempt to secure a safer future in Australia?

What a joke. Why don't we go right ahead and detain anyone and everyone who has rights and seeks those rights and enjoys those rights - rights that belong to them by virtue of being born human? Let's 'process' anyone who even thinks about living in dignity. Let's 'process' all of humankind.

This is a national shame (among many) Australia. Shame.


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