Monday, 3 October 2011

My Reactions in GIF

The response to 4 Australian Arab Men You Should Never Date has been quite tremendous. But unfortunately, several people don't seem to understand that I am poking fun of and playing on well-known stereotypes. It might not be everybody's cup of tea - understandably - but I have received messages from a couple of out-of-touch (is how I will describe them here) people. It's disappointing to see this kind of defensiveness and lunacy.

At first, I was receiving positive feedback.

But after reading several comments, I realised a few people legitimately thought I was attacking Arabs.

 Loser? Worthless? Come on now, I'm just-

Woah. Damn. I really hit a few nerves.

For the love of Thor, where is your sense of humour?!

Somebody then directed me to a Facebook status of some stranger raging about me. Cool.

And then I got a few angry messages. Am I'm being trolled or...?


I cannot help the fact that you are humourless.

Not one iota.


Anonymous said...

Sorry we don't share ur stupid sense of humour. We don't need more people making fun of our community. Where's ur respect, compassion and respect for others? Khara alayki.

ie16 said...

this is exactly what she's saying: YOU ARE HUMORLESS you too... so, go buy a soap and do somefing with it!

Naaz said...

To the person questioning her 'respect', 'compassion' and 'respect' once again. Perhaps you should look at the other posts on here instead of getting your knickers in a knot over a light hearted, funny post.

If this blog offends you so much, then don't read it.


Anonymous said...

for god sake if you dont like it then dont read it !! and first poster do you think by saying those foul words that makes you any better ??? shame on you

Anonymous said...

omg too funny ! love it hun..i agree people these days are going through menopause abit earlier so we just have to try and understand why they have no sense of humour

Taltoolah said...

LOL this blog 'Bijanen' <3 it.. unfortunately anonymous no.1 has serious issues. saying have respect then saying khara alayki, shows how much respect u have, anyhows JJ keep the humour going it's great and especially when it brings out some people's true colours, that's even funnier

moey said...


loved your date article, but it's hilarious when you realise you've got like 90% of your emotion gifs as black people :p oh the irony

"We don't need more people making fun of our community" oh shut up, it makes fun of itself. who are you kidding, Moey Dw is the laughing stock of the entire ethnic community, like it or not.

Anonymous said...


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