Friday, 14 October 2011

Occupy Sydney 15.10.2011


"Migrant sex worker, debt bonded to the banks" via @antloewenstein
lol jk we're here to occupy Sydney via @kateausburn

Crowd growing via @Dr_Tad

Che in the breeze via @LeftCoastParty

"Stop Coal Seam Gas" via @kateausburn

Libya and Egypt being repped via @dooolism

"Corporatocrazy is killing our democracy" via @antloewenstein

Guy Fawkes showed up via @dooolism

"There is no left or right, just tyranny or liberty" via @antloewenstein 
via @reneevk

Rage faces at #occupysydney via @KristianStupid

via @antloewenstein

Outside the Reserve Bank via @kateausburn
"Human need, not corporate greed" via @JackEHeron
"We Support Occupy Wall St" via @JackEHeron
"Danger: Workers Above" via @kateausburn
Monopoly via @bdvz
The revolution is being televised via @OccupySydMedia
"Direct action not political factions" via @kateausburn
We are the 99% via @antloewenstein

Sydney is occupied via @antloewenstein
Newscorpse via @kateausburn
"Australian supporters of democracy in Iran" via @antloewenstein


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