Wednesday, 5 October 2011

To Survive, We Need To Eat

I have written about food a fair bit, and I would like to say that I am incredibly grateful to be able to eat and receive sustenance without much thought or struggle. There are people who do not eat well or who do not eat at all. If I’m running late in the morning and I can’t spare a minute to grab something to eat from a full fridge or a full pantry, I think of it as no big deal – I can easily buy breakfast on the way to wherever I’m going. This is not a universal privilege. At the moment, East Africa is suffering from a severe famine. The UN has predicted that almost 750,000 people will die of starvation in the next six months if we don’t respond quickly enough. There are people everywhere, in underdeveloped and developed parts of the world, who do not have enough to eat. Here in Australia, in our very own back yard, people struggle to eat and find shelter. Approximately 15,000 Australians sleep rough on the streets according to ActNow.

There are a few everyday things we can do to feed others. For example, if you're at Subway and plan on buying a six-inch sub – consider paying a few extra dollars for a footlong and offer it to someone who needs it. Sharing is caring. If you know any honest charities and food-sharing tips, please comment and share.


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