Thursday, 17 November 2011

Doily dress in the 90s

After digging through some old photo albums, I found several snaps of when I was a flower girl at an aunty's wedding. Honestly, who made me wear a huge doily and why do I look so happy in it? Dressing the four-year-old flower girl in a 90s bridal dress was not the way to go. Laugh then, cry now. And smile a little while crying, I guess.

I remember walking in front of the bride and groom with another flower girl and we each both carried a candle. I also remember being afraid that the candle would shrink quickly and I would burn my hands. I'm a survivor. I've read somewhere that holding candles is a tradition at Palestinian weddings. I'm unsure of the symbolism though. I've been to a lot of Palestinian weddings here in Australia but I've never seen it. However, my aunty's wedding was in Lebanon (we travelled there to visit and attend the wedding) so I guess they're more in line with traditions and all the cultural details.

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