Sunday, 27 November 2011

Israel threatens to cut water and power off to Gaza

Israel has plans to further collectively punish 1.6 million Palestinians living in the already impoverished Gaza by denying them access to water, a fundamental human right, and power. It seems that blockading, massacring, drone bombing and shaking up the ground in Gaza daily isn't enough for Israel. Its threats to devastate Gaza further isn't new, however. 

The Israeli government says it will cut water and power off completely if Palestinian movements Fatah and Hamas form a unity government. The leaders of Fatah and Hamas, who already signed a reconciliation deal earlier this year, have been meeting recently to discuss the possibility of creating a united government.

Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon said that a unity government deal, something that many Palestinians have been urging for, "would transform the Palestinian Authority into a terrorist authority and would put an end to any hope for a peace agreement."

When Ayalon says that the Palestinian Authority will transform into a "terrorist authority", he actually means to say, "The Palestinian Authority might stop kneeling down before us". Really, you would think that Ayalon was already aware that the PA is a "terrorist authority" since it is complicit in participating in and allowing Israel to terrorise Palestinians. If Israel was Mr Burns, the Palestinian Authority would be Mr Smithers. 

Israel's plans to completely cut off water and electricity in Gaza reeks of terrible de ja vu. During the Holocaust, the Germans cut off water and power to Jewish ghettos. Does the Jewish state ever get haunting flashbacks? Do the eerie similarities ever occur to Israel - a state that uses the memory of the Holocaust to vindicate its crimes?

Israel doesn't care for a peace agreement nor does it wish to negotiate, as it often cheaply claims while approving more illegal settlements, expelling Palestinians and terrorising them daily. If Israel truly yearned for some kind of peace, it would have accepted the Palestinian statehood bid (but even then, Palestinian statehood brings no justice to Palestinians). The only kind of 'peace' Israel wants is peace and quiet from restless and occupied Palestinians, and it does so by removing them from their land and brutalising them so that it can continue to run an ethnocratic supremacist state that privileges Jews, ethnic and religious, over Palestinians. 

I can't claim that anything good will come out of unity between Fatah and Hamas for Palestinians. I can't foresee much because Palestinians, after all, are ultimately controlled by Israel, no matter which Palestinian movement governs. What's more important is the people's movement. Protests, intifida and Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions.


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