Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Stop being obsessed with what women wear

I am sick and tired of people's obsessions and their self-righteousness when it comes to what women wear. It is not a woman’s burden to impress everybody in her society, nor is that even possible to do so. If she poses nude in the pages of a magazine, what’s it to you? If she is entirely covered except for her face, hands and feet behind her desk at work or completely covered while grocery shopping, what’s it to you? If she’s wearing a midriff and short shorts, what’s it to you? If her clothing and style is androgynous, what’s it to you? If she’s dressed in male clothing, what’s it to you? No – really – what is it to you? 

There are self-righteous critics from all sides of the spectrum chastising women for presenting themselves in ways they deem unacceptable.  For example, there are certain groups in society - intolerant, anti-diversity types - who criticise hijabi women for wearing the hijab in the first place, and then there are others who attack women for wearing the hijab in a way they don't approve of (they're normally from within the Muslim community). 

Women just can't please anyone, can they? There has also been a recent fuss over Egyptian woman Aliaa al-Mahdy, also known as the 'nude blogger', for posting nude photos of herself in protest of Egypt's misogyny and the shaming of women. Local figure Deborah Hutton has also been copping flack at the moment for posing nude on the cover of Women's Weekly. 

Modesty police and threat-to-our-way-of life police plague the place. And I’m tired of reading and listening to misinformed and judgmental people attempt at explaining why so-and-so lady did the wrong thing by wearing such-and-such. In an idealistic world, a woman should not have to put up with, or even expect, any kind of response to what she wears – whether it’s applause and admiration, or scathing criticism. But since our world is far from anything idealistic, I support admiration over condemnation. To hell with your obsession.


Anonymous said...

To the writer, your view is a result of frustration and NOT deep thinking, the society you're talking about is a chaos society, have you ever had your daughters kidnapped and raped? I guess not? have you ever had an argument with your husband because your 50 and your husband threw a comment like "look at Deborah Hutton, why isn't your body like hers?" then left home to a brothel? I guess not? Do you like old men looking at naked pictures of your daughter and masturbating over them? I guess not. but this is happening everyday among many families. divorce rarest are higher than ever because not every woman looks like those 'fake boobed, fake tanned, fake faced, fake bodied porn stars'... yes just let our daughters walk almost naked in the streets, then wooopss complain about high rates of rape, divorce, and pedofiles?!
excuse me for disagreeing, what I say? good on every girl who has some dignity to cover up and not expose herself naked, and to hell with women who do and wreck our society. whats it to me??? I'm only trying to protect our society from rape, divorce and pedofiles.
from a caring citizen.

Mozzy said...

^To the comment above. Wtf did I just read. No seriously what in the name of flying heck is that comment meant to mean? Whoever you are, wherever you are, just shut up, for the sake of all that is Holy. Delete your comment as well, anyone who reads it will automatically feel stupid for doing so.

martin said...

Great post and I absolutely agree with all your thoughts. It seems very strange that in a time when sending a man to the moon is old news we still get tied in knots over what a woman wears.

I would hope that every individual would support the right of any woman to wear whatever she likes. If you feel comfortable naked, do it. If you wish to wear Niqab, do it. And anything in between.

The idea that we can somehow protect a woman by telling her what to wear or have any right to judgement is ridiculous. The only way to support a woman is to protect every individuals right to wear what they like.

As to the Anon comment, what a woman wears has nothing to do with her being raped in any decent framing of the argument. The sole responsibility lays with the rapist and they are only enabled by people who say a woman brings it upon themselves. No woman does such a thing.

Men need to start saying to other men, "real men don't hit or abuse women... EVER!"


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