Wednesday, 18 January 2012

A Falafel Burrito by the Name of Gaza

A San Francisco supermarket, Cal Mart, is selling falafel burritos called the Gaza Wrapp

The makers of the Gaza Wrapp, Marsha's Marvelous Soup Co., is a family-owned business based in San Francisco. The company provides food and wraps to local delis and cafes.

The Gaza Wrapp is a fusion food, and is made with falafel and cabbage wrapped in a Mexican tortilla, instead of standard Lebanese pita bread.

Other wraps by Marsha's Marvelous Soup Co. include an Indian-inspired Bombay wrap, an Indonesian wrap and a Manila wrap.

It is wonderful and refreshing to see a falafel wrap being sold in American supermarkets named after Gaza, particularly since Israel has hijacked falafel (along with hummus) - a long-time food of the Levant and Palestine - and claimed it as its own. The Gaza Wrapp is true to falafel's roots. It's a reclamation of sorts.

But I wonder - for how long will the Gaza Wrapp go on until a Zionist group declares it anti-Semitic or offensive, and demand it be deshelved? I wouldn't put it past them. I can just hear a Zionist scoff "Terror Wrapp".


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