Monday, 2 January 2012

Somewhere on a backstreet in western Sydney, there is a demand for Assad to leave

Driving back from a Sydney beach a few days ago. The weather was perfect.

Later, came across a sticker that read "Leave Assad" on a Keep Left sign. It was slightly ripped.

We deliberated for a while - did it mean Assad should leave or people should leave Assad alone? We stuck with the former. Leave Assad. Stop slaughtering Syrian protesters.


Anonymous said...

somewhere in the backstreets of western sydney, someone is also hoping the media would stop fabricating lies about Assad and the Alawite people (FYI they are not the ruling elite in Syrua, they are simply Muslims). Somewhere in the backstreets of western sydney someone is praying that international efforts were directed towards the plight of palestinians instead of making Assad appear to be an evil dictator, like he has said many times - he is one man, he is not the government. if only western news reporters would listen.

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