Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Death sentence for a tweet? Seriously, Saudi Arabia?

I would say the world has lost its mind, but really, it's always been a place full of nutters and ideologies and governments and corporations that never fail to make me raise my eyebrows.

Hamza Kashgari
If you haven't already heard, Saudi journalist and blogger Hamza Kashgari has been extradited from Malaysia to Saudi Arabia and may face execution. Why so, you ask? Did he commit a massacre? Was he caught up in oil corruption? Did he embezzle millions and millions of dollars? Was he responsible for dropping white phosphorous bombs on civilians? Nope. 

None of that. 

Hamza's crime was expressing himself on Twitter. He tweeted several things last week that riled up Islamic conservatives and clerics. Hamza was accused of blasphemy and insulting Islam's Prophet Muhammad, at the time of the prophet's birthday. He has been proclaimed a heretic and may have his life cut short because of three tweets - each under 140 characters. 

One of the three tweets he wrote read:
"I have loved things about you and I have hated things about you and there is a lot I don’t understand about you...I will not pray for you."

A Facebook page (Arabic), “Saudi people want punishment for Hamza Kashgari,” has garnered over 20,000 members. Are people really that insecure? Do those calling for his execution really feel destabilised and threatened over several tweets? Over somebody else's views - views he is entitled to have? Is their world so shaken that only blood, and silence, can restore everything? 

Why is anything punishable by death anyway, particularly nowadays? Capital punishment, whether taking place in Saudi Arabia or the US, has no place in any justice system. You would think humanity has long gotten over these barbarian and draconian acts of 'justice'. We're still the same, except we have smart phones and loads of trash television (...I mean, really, T-shirt time? More like time to get off my television). 

Hamza deleted his tweets shortly afterwards and apologised. But no mercy is being shown. Corrupt regimes get their knickers tied in a knot whenever someone speaks what's on their mind. Or in this instance, tweets what's on their mind.


Anonymous said...

*meanwhile in the west* "Muhammad is a pedophile", "Muhammad was a terrorist", "Islam is a barbaric religion", "Death to Muslims" where's all the revenge sought after all those misguided people? It bothers me that they're going after people they can "control" if that makes sense.

Yet for this guy to say there were things he "hated" about the nabi..... dude that's kinda screwed up and least deserving. Then again salafi/wahabism can make Muslims turn against their religion.

Anonymous said...

It will be a great spectacle when the impoverished arab masses put these saudi monarchs up against a wall and liquidate them. A little violence never hurt anyone.

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