Sunday, 1 April 2012

Palestinian Pick Up Lines

If someone who fancies your eye just told you that they were Palestinian, what do you say? Have you ever wanted to woo a Palestinian? Have you desperately tried to make a Palestinian fall in love with you, but dismally failed? Maybe you turned off a Palestinian by endorsing the two-state solution or referring to the conflict as a 'war'. Fear not - just brush up on a few pick up lines, clean up your knowledge and politics and you'll win a Palestinian heart over in moments.

Palestinians will be all over you.


Patrick Harrison said...

LULZ! This is gold. Perhaps your introduction more than any of the lines...

Anonymous said...

LOL I saw one on my TL that I HAD to retweet haha it was this one. Maybe you should add it to the list if you'd like it was by a user called @bfounas

#PalestinianPickUpLines I'm for dismantling the wall if you're on the other side

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