Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Rachel Corrie's intentional killing ruled as 'accident' by Israeli court

Standard, unsurprising, but still devastating.

Rachel Corrie, an American activist for the International Solidarity Movement, was crushed by an Israeli Occupation Force bulldozer in 2003 while trying to stop the demolition of a home in Gaza. Corrie was standing - very visibly - in front of the IOF bulldozer on a mound of dirt in a bright orange vest. The driver proceeded to drive over Corrie, killing her, and reversing over her body. This was no accident. This is one of Israel's endless and habitual list of crimes against Palestinians and activists.

The judge, Oded Gershon, claimed Corrie was "protecting terrorists". If shielding a home from illegal demolition is terrorism, what would you call illegally demolishing a family's home? The state of Israel - a rogue state in every sense of the word - has rid itself of any accountability for Corrie's death. Israel can do no wrong, remember? Its aggression stems from taking "security measures" against Palestinians. Israel is merely only protecting itself against people who are protecting themselves against Israel's aggression. This would make a brilliant tragicomedy.

Today, justice was not served for Rachel Corrie, her family or for Palestinians. If it doesn't come tomorrow, it will be pursued the day after. If not the day after, then the day after that. For months to come, for years to come, for decades to come. Whatever it takes. The struggle continues. Vale Rachel Corrie.

DAM, a Palestinian hip hop group, got it right about Israel in their song Meen Erhabe (Who's the Terrorist?): "You're the witness, the lawyer and the judge".

Inevitably, and soon hopefully, Israel will face its own trial. And the Zionists will be held accountable for every single injustice they have committed - from holding up Palestinians at checkpoints to seizing their land, demolishing their homes and attacking their places of refuge with white phosphorous.


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