Saturday, 13 April 2013

VIDEO: The chilling military indoctrination of Israeli children

If there's one video you should watch today, it's the one below. In this clip, Israeli children at the Armored Corps Memorial are able to explain to a reporter how to use grenades, missiles, and high-tech weapons. These children casually talk about how they plan to kill Arabs, how many Arabs they'd like to kill, and which kind of Arabs they want to kill (Palestinians from Gaza? The Lebanese? Syrians? Take your pick). This provides a chilling insight into the military indoctrination of Israeli children and the anti-Palestinian and anti-Arab racism instilled in them at a very young age.

It isn't only what's being said that widens your eyes. It's the casual feel of it all. The children are shown climbing and swinging off tanks at the memorial as if they were in a schoolyard jungle gym. They are having a feel for the weapons. A young girl is shown putting a military helmet on as though she was about to embark on her first tricycle ride.

The video also plays an upbeat children's song in Hebrew and opens up with a child singing "Saturday morning / It's a nice day / Mum drinks a lot of coffee". Yep, just another Saturday teaching children to lust over and fantasise about dead Arabs.

These are children like any other. Children who look restless, some are giggling, some are shy. And they are being raised as killing machines. This is what the state of Israel is creating. It makes armies out of children. They already know what platoons they want to join. One girl wants to be a ground combatant and one boy wants to join the notorious Givati brigade. Instead of thinking about being teachers or doctors or artists or singers - these kids are thinking about what they want to do in the army, first and foremost. To me, they are children soldiers. Perhaps in a different sense of the term. They are  not yet on the frontline, but they are prisoners to militaristic thinking, as is the rest of Israeli society. They are being preened and prepped to carry on military occupation and the suffering of Palestinians.

The exchanges are horrifying. 


An Israeli father is shown telling his kids: "I showed you the guns, right? The rifle, the MAG, the 50 caliber, the machine guns? The mortar and the grenade?"
Interviewer to daughter: "How do you use a hand grenade?"
Daughter: "You take the plug out and you throw it." Her father interjects, correcting plug with pin
Daughter, correcting herself: "You take out the pin and throw it at the enemy".


Interviewer: "What do you imagine when you're in a tank?"
Boy: "I picture a dead Arab and that makes me happy."


Interviewer: "Where would you want to do your army service?" 
Boy A: "My first choice would be Lebanon." 
Boy B: "Gaza."
Interviewer: "But we gave back Lebanon, we aren't fighting with Lebanon."
Boy: "That's okay, we'll be back."
Interviewer: "Do you hope that by the time you're a soldier, we'll be at war with Lebanon again?"
Boy: "Yes."

Tiny killing machines.

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