Without going into too much detail, my name's Jennine - the lowercase arab in question -  and I'm a ninteen-year-old Palestinian-Australian from Sydney. I write a little about activism, politics, Palestine, the Arab world, Arabs in Australia and sometimes, if you're lucky, I do write about myself (har har). There's a lot I'd love to blog about but I have a goddamn family to feed and can't simultaneously write while I'm harvesting crops fourteen hours a day. I also study journalism and law at an eye-sore of a university that I love very much. 

I love receiving requests so please do hit me up. I'm a Twitter addict and if you are too, we can both fight our addiction together on Twitter, so tweet me up (and if you're not on already, I highly recommend it - especially if you're a news junkie like me).

Obviously, views and opinions expressed here are my own, not my employers' or anybody else's.